How to Treat Agoraphobia with Hypnotherapy London

People with agoraphobia feel fears in the public places even in the cases they are apparently safe. The fact of feeling stuck or not knowing how to escape quickly from one place can increase the anxiety of agoraphobia. This is a type of phobia that can be treated with hypnotherapy London. It will take several hypnosis London sessions in order to see the results.

In agoraphobia, the triggers of fear are not specific, it is not an object or a particular location, but a whole class of objects or locations, for example, not a restaurant at this address in particular but all restaurants that will cause fear. In agoraphobia, the trigger is generalized as opposed to some other phobias or triggers are very specific.

There are different levels of agoraphobia that can be treated with hypnotherapy London, which depend on the degree of generalization of fear. This might be limited and would be triggered in some public places including shops, cinemas, theaters, restaurants, transport, etc. In some of the extreme cases, the agoraphobic person feels ill when he or she leaves the house. Some agoraphobics live cloistered in their homes or go out very rarely accompanied by a trusted person.

Agoraphobia can be combined with other pathologies such as depression or neurosis, the person may then submit a set of symptoms that are not specific to this disorder and that can be as well treated with hypnosis London.

The agoraphobic has attacks of anxiety that can be triggered anytime. During a crisis, the fear will involve the agoraphobic associated with the place where it is located. This association is even stronger than the fear and it is very intense.

The agoraphobia is based on three phenomena:

Treating the agoraphobia with Hypnotherapy London

The treatment for agoraphobia involves two approaches: first, there is a need to delete the original fear, and after that remove all the associations which were registered the causes of this anxiety.

The suppression of the anxiety requires the exploration of the unconscious of the patient, in order to update the mechanisms of initiation and maintenance of fear. All this can be done in the first seessions of the hypnotherapy London. The unconscious processes that can sometimes work in order to make the person conscious, but sometimes it is better to leave them unconscious, because this does not stop them. It depends on the patient and the reasons which made him “forget” or repress  the events that caused the fear.

Regarding the associations that are made by the hypnosis London patient for the anxiety attacks, work is different and easier. You need to treat each stimulus separately and make one or more means of desensitization, such as a disabling anchor. When the patient of the hypnosis London has learned a number of these techniques in hypnotherapy London sessionsFree Articles, he has every reason to continue by himself using self-hypnosis.